Make pet care & pet grooming as special as they are!


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Would you like to learn how to make your own pet care & pet grooming products?

We believe in using delicious natural ingredients but why should you not treat your fur babies with items as good as the things you use on your own skin?

Well, the good news is you can learn how to make your own animal care and grooming products… and you could even earn money selling them! 

It's hard to find any useful information or good formulations for creating great animal care and grooming products.  You will already have realised that nobody will share the formulations, information and tips with you.

The good news is you don't need to spend months trying to figure it all out as we have done the hard work for you!

Come and join in on this one of a kind course that is going to give you the experience, insights, and techniques you need to be successfully making your own pet products quickly and affordably and treat your pets to the pet care and animal grooming products they deserve.

Step By Step
Video Tutorials

We'll walk you through the step by step video tutorials, look at the very simple tools you need, and discuss the ingredient options and possible alternatives to help you not only make the products but also adapt your recipes.

We've Got
You Covered

We have included the processes and formulations for a wide range of pet care and grooming products from pet and equine shampoo to nose balms and even hydrating hoof gel.


The UK have over 9 million family dogs and they spend as much on them and more than the other family members.  There are huge opportunities in the pet world as a stand alone business or as an addition to your existing business  

Here's What You'll Learn

We'll walk you through the step by step video tutorials, look at the very simple tools you need, discuss the ingredient options and alternatives, PLUS look at additional opportunities for you to build this into a broader business. We even share all the contacts and information to make it as simple, efficient and affordable as possible!

You will learn to make:

  • Pet Shampoo / Cleansing Bars
  • Horse Shampoo Bars
  • Conditioning Grooming Spray
  • Nose Balm
  • Anxiety Spray & Balm
  • Conditioning Grooming Spray
  • Oat Coat Shine Spray
  • Odour Neutralising Spray
  • Pest Problem Powder
  • Hoof oil & Hoof Butter
  • Hydrating Hoof Gel
  • Hot Paws & After Sun Gel



How will I learn?

Learn from the comfort of your own home at a pace that fits you

You don't need to leave the comfort of your own home!  We have a bespoke learning area on the website so all you need is a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.  If you can tap the screen or use a mouse, you can join in on the course, you need no tech skills!  We have a full collection of step by step video tutorials to help you see every step of the process as if you were with us.  You have a complete downloadable and printable course handout PLUS access to all the formulations.   

We will walk you through all the ingredients many of which you may already have along with suppliers details for the speciality items so you can make as many of the recipes as you want when you want. Best of all, you can dip in and out of the course at times that work for you and there are no time limits on access.

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Get started at home today for your fur babies or for profit! 

If you want to create truly lovely pet care and pet grooming products that provide animal care with delicious natural ingredients, something that can be a benefit to your business, then this is the course for you!

You can do everything from home with a wifi connection on your computer, tablet or smart phone and you don't need to know anything about tech and the equipment needed to make the shampoo bars is simple and easy to find.

From simple to make pet care products to use at home to a full scale business

Learn exactly what you need to be able to make your own pet shampoo bars.  No matter if you are just starting out and want to make a few bars for home use or you already run a business and find yourself needing to scale production to keep up with orders, we will guide you through affordable equipment options to help you succeed.  

This vital element will help you prepare for when you need to scale to meet the growing sales in your business!

We share top tips and the best and most affordable equipment to help you scale production fast!

Enrol Now for only £99 (Normally £150)

Take the course at your own pace and never worry about time limits. 


You have direct access to the tutor for any questions and UNLIMITED access to the course.  


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What you thought of the course

Rachel Hutton

Another fabulous course and it opened my eyes up to a wide range of products I hadn’t considered using before.

Sarah And Shawn really know their stuff! An in-depth, exceedingly well researched course with fantastic teaching delivery and notes.

Myself and Harvey the Greyhound thoroughly recommend it to you!

Harvey the Greyhound

Why thank you auntie Sarah.

I can thoroughly recommend the course - I sent my human servant on it and I’m currently relaxing with my pet bedding spray and just had my paw butter massaged into me xx

Love Harvey

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