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How to Make Natural Soap Course

On this online training program with Soap School, you will learn to make beautiful moisturising soaps using all natural ingredients. If you would love to learn how to make luscious natural handmade soaps using traditional oils, exotic butters and essential oils from scratch the traditional way, then this is the course for you! You will also learn how to use a wide range of herb and natural botanicals effectively in your soaps.

There is no prior experience required, just a willingness to experience the joy of creating your own soaps from scratch.   Learn in your own home at a time convenient to you with our step by step tutor guided videos and ongoing tutor support.  We have included lots of downloadable and printable handouts and recipe sheets as well as useful top tips plus free soap making resources guide for your equipment and ingredients.

Whether you are looking to learn how to make just a couple of bespoke batches a year for your own use or whether you have a passion for starting up your own soap business, this is the ideal course to help you realise your soap making dreams. 

We provide a great collection of natural soap recipes within the course, but you will also learn how to formulate your own recipes. This means you can easily swap things for your own preferred alternatives or even use fully organic ingredients if you desire to make the soap as unique as you are.


What's covered?

 • Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
 • Necessary materials, ingredients and equipment
 • Understanding the wonders of saponification (oils turning into soap)
 • Safety aspects of working with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
 • The most effective oils and butters to use in soap making
 • Choosing additional oils or hero ingredients
 • Understanding saponification values
 • Superfatting & lye discounting
 • How to use lye calculators 
 • How to formulate your own soap recipes
 • Preventing rancidity and DOS
 • Colouring soap naturally with herbs & spices
 • Effective use of botanicals in soap
 • Understanding the different levels of “trace”
 • Adding exfoliants and scrub ingredients for texture
 • Working with powders and clays in soaps
 • Alternative colouring options for soap making
 • Alternative liquids in soap making and how to use them
 • Using pure essential oils to fragrance your soap effectively
 • How to work with cosmetic fragrance oils
 • Preparation of your moulds plus mould and lining options
 • Understanding insulating & gel stages
 • Cutting, curing and storing your handmade soaps
 • Ph testing your finished soaps
 • Wrapping & packing
 • Troubleshooting common problems



We cannot wait to help you on your new journey into soap making and share our passion and knowledge with you.

As a thank you for joining us through this online program, we wanted to offer you some special thank you BONUSES!


 • Access to additional natural soap recipes 

• Access additional soap making projects to enjoy at home

• Join in our online community where you can ask questions plus share your success and passion with like minded people

• Watch a full video tutorial on "fragrance suitability and testing" in soaps

• Learn about "whats going on inside" video tutorial to help reduce errors and costly mistakes